Youth are the builders of the future. Our communities will thrive when our youth thrive!



Fundamentals of success for youth

14 year old invented device to purify dirty water

9 Amazing (Very) Young Entrepreneurs

Jaylen Bledsoe, High School Sophomore, Builds $3.5 Million IT Company

The teenage brain is the last great time of enormous brain change and development.

2015 Young Artist Competition Winners

Kobe Bryant started basketball training at age 3

Lionel Messi started his soccer training at age 4

Amazing Teenage Entrepreneurs

Many more videos will be added here soon...

A good positive mindset (habit of the mind) must be developed early in life

Bill Gates learned about computers around age 13 and about the value of money at a young age as well

How did they succeed? They were all trained early!

Plant the Seeds of Success in Our Children Early!

William Buffett started his interest in investment at age 11

Training about business is starting in Denver for kids as young as 11.

The sooner we plant the seeds of knowledge in our children, the sooner they develop the necessary mindsets, instincts, skills, and habits for success!