In this fast changing world, there are some 'must have' knowledge and skills our children

need to learn early in life.  Whether a child will survive or thrive personally and professionally will depend on a combination of these various essential knowledge and skills. How can busy

parents make sure their teens learn these important topics before they go to college?

Send them to our KAPTUN program!

Your child will learn the 21st century keys to success in our KAPTUN program; knowledge that are all

too often never learned or learned way too late for too many youth in our society! But that is about to change! If music, arts and sports are important for children, then learning the 'K-A-P-T-U-N' is equally

important because these are skills that will also help determine their future!  Instincts and talents need to be developed early for music, arts and sports; this is also true for money, investments, business, EQ, and etc...

In our 3-part one-of-a-kind program, your child will learn the six pillars of success, and then we will help him or her apply these principles in his or her life through the Kaptun's World network as needed! Success is a package deal! We can work together to support your child!

High School Students:
The KAPTUN program is packed with crucial knowledge and the entire program includes 3 parts:

1) 10 sessions of instructor led fun activities and training (planting the knowledge) on topics:
Money, Personal Finance, Business, Investment, EQ (empathy, self-control, adaptability), Time, World Wisdom, Strategy, Goal Planning, Organization Skills, Visionary Skills, Principles of Innovation, Using Technology, Importance of Hardwork, Personal Branding, Nobility, and much more.

2) On-going learning, mentoring, and motivation without pressure (reinforce the knowledge): 
Success happens when we apply the principles and skills learned day in and day out. To get a child motivated is important but to keep the child motivated for the long-term is equally important! That's what our Kaptun's World community is for! We keep your child engaged no matter where you might move to; your child will stay motivated and continue to learn the KAPTUN principles in our community. In no time, these principles will become second nature to your child!

3) Lifetime membership to Kaptun's World (give incentives and rewards for their efforts):
Additionally, all enrolled students will have access to all future Kaptun grants, team activities, and much more! Check out the membership page for details. ​

10 Sessions of Training, On-Going Learning Online, and Kaptun's World Membership

This program is valued at over $395.00 per child.  But because we are non-profit, we are making this special program affordable for families at only $95.00 per child!  
*Ask us about our siblings discount! You get a special discount if you received a card from us.

Training Date, Time, and Place:

Our 2016 training program in San Jose, CA will commence at the end of July.  The training will be on
Saturdays only. The time will be from 1pm to 5pm. Location will be at the Hayes Mansion Conference Center. Seats are limited to ~20 per training. Enroll your child today to be on the list for this year's training!

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LEVEL 2 Training program and schedules

Youth are the builders of the future. Our communities will thrive when our youth thrive!



Fundamentals of success for youth

KAPTUN program will be held at the beautiful Hayes Mansion Conference Center!