Youth are the builders of the future. Our communities will thrive when our youth thrive!

WELCOME!  At Kaptun, we believe every youth has an innate ability to reach his

or her dreams.  These abilities, however, need to be awaken by some specific

education and training.  The education we are referring to is the fundamental

education on success and life.  At Kaptun, we believe this fundamentals of

success education is not a 'nice to have',  but a 'need to have' foundation for

every child.  It is also very important that we teach youth this knowledge

during the early stages of their development because most mindsets, instincts,

and habits form early (research show age 7), and can be difficult to change later. 

So, as part of a national effort to help prepare our future generations, a team of Silicon Valley experienced

professionals, with decades of business, investment, and management experience working with global young talents

and teams, decided to pass on our specific knowledge in a new bay area kids enrichment class and program called KAPTUN! 

Our instructors are selected for their vast experience; they are industry professionals, business executives, founders/CEOs,

and savvy investors!  Through our program and network, your child gets to learn from them on how to succeed and thrive!

                                                                                                    The mission of this new program is to teach youth topics within the

                                                                                                    'six pillars of success' (KAPTUN), so they can be more prepared, worldly, 

                                                                                                    and wise; more ready to tackle the inevitable global challenges they will

                                                                                                    face in the 21st century.


                                                                                                    The materials we teach in our program will change (add or remove) based 

                                                                                                    on the ever-changing needs of our society!  Since our world is changing at 

                                                                                                    such a fast pace, we must also change and adapt our programs according 

                                                                                                    to the latest needs of our time!

                                                                                                    We want to reach every child and teach him or her how to thrive! We know

                                                                                                    our children's starting background is not that important. What is truly 

                                                                                                    important is what we teach them and when they are taught!  The earlier

                                                                                                    they learn, the better it is!  We believe all children can thrive and contribute

                                                                                                    to their families and communities if they are well prepared!

                                                                                                    Our goal is to keep offering this program to families at an affordable

                                                                                                    rate.  Since we are non-profit, we don't have big budgets, but we have big

                                                                                                    hearts!  We welcome donations, partnerships, and endorsements to help

                                                                                                    us keep this mission going for our children! 

                                                                                                    Updates about our programs, schedules, and materials will be regularly    
                                                                                                    posted on this website. Visit the PROGRAM page for these updates.    
                                                                                                    We also actively seek partnerships with organizations and schools. 

                                                                                                    If your organization serves the public or low income families, we
                                                                                                    can provide most of this program to your students at no charge



Fundamentals of success for youth

I started the KAPTUN program with one mission and that is to help busy parents help their 21st century youth thrive! The KAPTUN program is designed to teach youth some essential knowledge and skills that are currently not taught in schools but all youth should learn if they want to thrive in life. Success is a package deal; it is a combination of knowledge, skills, and deliberate efforts coming together to create the desired results. You see, success is supported by "six pillars". If any of these pillars is missing or crumble, then success will not last. This is one of the many important messages we will teach youth in the KAPTUN program. I always emphasize the importance of getting our youth trained 'early' because certain knowledge and skills, if applied early in life, can make a huge positive difference; often timing is everything. So, enroll your child in the training as soon as he/she is ready!

Together with you, we can help your child thrive!

Warmest Wishes,

Laura Zee
    Founder of Kaptun Ltd. Co.

Entrepreneur, MBA, previously licensed financial advisor, youth instructor, business partner,

25+ years of investment experience, 23+ years of professional experience in sales operations management, customer service, project (systems/DB) management, and multi-cultural team dynamics in small and large technology companies

We help busy parents help their children thrive!

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